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What it Takes to be a Newmar Motor Coach Dealer

A large part of The Newmar Difference comes from our unrivaled commitment to quality and superior customer service. We look for these same qualities when we select the RV dealers with which we would like to do business. Partnering with dealers that have a track record of going above and beyond for their clients while sharing our passion for excellence is not only in our best interest, it is in the best interest of our customers.

Setting a Higher Standard

We’ve said it before and well say it again: At Newmar, we don’t want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best. To stay true to our mission, partnering with dealers who do business the right way, with a focus on creating customers for life, is of utmost importance. If we are interested in having our products available in a certain market but cannot find a dealer we can trust to treat our customers like family, well move on, even if that means temporarily foregoing an open market until we can locate a potential partner that meets our high standards. Newmar motorcoaches are not a mass-produced product. As a result, we don’t look for dealers focused solely on sales numbers; we look for dealers who take care of our customers.

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A True Team Effort

Once we decide to partner with a particular dealer, we take every possible measure to ensure the people who will represent our products away from our factory have everything they need to deliver an overall customer experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Because Newmar is a private, family-owned company, we don’t have shareholders. This allows our dealers to focus on what is right for you, the customer, rather than having to worry about helping us meet the expectations of investors who are only concerned about sales numbers.

We provide our dealers sales staff with everything they need to help you make a smart, informed decision, including detailed product literature and brochures, videos and high-resolution photography. In addition, Newmar is a leader in training both sales and service staff through our Professional Product Institute, an industry-first comprehensive training program, so you can be confident that the people representing our products are experts in everything Newmar. In addition, we work tirelessly to deliver each and every one of our dealers with the information and support necessary to take care of your service needs quickly and correctly. Materials and support relating to repairs, warranty claims, parts, training – everything a dealer requires to effectively maintain your motorhome, we give it to them. It’s all about putting our partners in position to take care of you and your Newmar in a way that exceeds your every expectation.

We don’t just take any dealer that comes along. We pick our dealers very, very carefully. We dont have nearly as many dealers as a lot of companies do, but we have the best quality dealers in the industry.

– Mahlon Miller, Owner, Newmar Corporation

Sometimes well stay out of a marketplace for a year or two or three years until the right dealer becomes available to us. We wont settle for a dealer. They have to be a high quality dealer that takes care of their customers. Were not interested in just sales “ were interested in taking care of the customers for the lifetime of their RVing experience.

– Matthew Miller, President, Newmar Corporation

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