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RV Camping Gear List: Top 9 Gadgets Every RVer Needs

Your RV is your home away from home, outfitted with everything you need to travel comfortably. Luxury RVs are now commonly outfitted with all the technology you can imagine–from 4K televisions and full surround sound systems to built-in Wi-Fi and satellite connectivity. RV-specific GPS, like Nav-N-Go that you’ll find in many Newmar coaches, takes into consideration the dimensions of your motorhome and gives you custom routes and road warnings, saving you time when planning your vacation.

From technology to keep you connected no matter where your travels take you to portable cooking appliances so you can enjoy your favorite meals and beverages on the road, here are 9 must-have RV camping accessories all RV travelers should bring with them.

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1. RV-Specific GPS

Driving a high-end RV can be as smooth and as comfortable and effortless of a drive as a car, especially with Newmar’s Comfort Drive assisted steering technology. It can be easy to forget you’re driving a high profile 40-foot long vehicle that may not be suited to every route. If your motorhome doesn’t already come with navigation, an RV-specific GPS is a must. RV-specific GPS takes into consideration the dimensions of your motorhome and gives you custom routes and road warnings, saving you time when planning your vacation.  With RV-specific GPS, you can spend less time worrying about navigation, and more time enjoying the drive.


2. Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender is a must to ensure you get online from anywhere your home on wheels takes you. A Wi-Fi extender strengthens the Wi-Fi signal so you can enjoy a strong and dependable internet connection without having to go out of your way to do so. Browse the web or stream your favorite Netflix shows from your campsite. You’ll get the best of all worlds by expanding your camping options without losing access to your favorite entertainment.


3. Cell Signal Booster

Similar to a Wi-FI extender, a cell signal booster ensures your phone, tablet, mobile hotspot, and other cellular devices have a strong and stable connection wherever you go. You’ll get faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls, which is a necessity whether you plan to work remotely or simply want to enjoy the same reliable connection you have at home.


4. Satellite Communication Device

For truly remote camping trips, a satellite communication device is a powerful gadget to have on hand. For example, traveling through the Rocky Mountains in North America can render even the more reliable cell service virtually useless. A satellite communication device, like the Garmin In-Reach, gives you global satellite connection, messaging, GPS tracking, and SOS capabilities so you can explore even the most off-the-grid locations with peace of mind.


5. Outdoor Film Projector

Your RV is outfitted with the comforts of home on the inside, but outside entertainment only elevates the entire experience. Supplement the TV inside with an old school film projector outside or, if you’re in most Newmar models, you can just enjoy the available exterior entertainment center. Set up a few outdoor lounge chairs under an awning, pop some popcorn, and project your favorite movies onto the side of your RV for a fun, memorable, and unique camping experience reminiscent of a drive-in movie theater.


6. Outdoor Lights

Create some ambiance by stringing up outdoor lighting to set the mood for your campsite. Twinkly lights elevate the twilight hours spent hanging around your campsite while still being functional, letting you see around the campsite at night without needing to carry around a lantern or flashlight.


7. Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

Zero gravity lounge chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs around for a luxurious camping experience. Originally designed for astronauts, zero-gravity chairs perfectly distribute weight across pressure points so that you feel weightless. Look for zero gravity chairs intended for outdoor use with cup holders to hold your favorite beverages. Many zero-gravity chairs also fold flat for easy stowing that takes up very little space.


8. Portable Fire Pit

A portable propane fire pit is a great way to enjoy a campfire at most campsites. Portable and convenient, you can spend less time hunting around for the perfect campsite when you bring your own fire pit. Plus, many campsites throughout the US and Canada still allow portable fire pits even when there are fire bans in place. So you can roast marshmallows, make S’Mores, and tell stories around the fire while still protecting the forests.


9. Portable Cooking Appliances

There’s a portable cooking appliance for any taste, from your camping standards like portable grills and griddles to specialty appliances like air fryers and espresso makers. Bring along a portable griddle to enjoy home-fresh eggs or pancakes, and a portable coffee maker to prepare your morning cup of joe. A newer, trendier appliance, a portable air fryer is a great way to bring your camping fare to life quickly. It’s fast like a microwave, cooking food in as little as a few minutes, while also giving food crispness and crunchiness like a fryer–but without having to lug around and dispose of large amounts of cooking oil.


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