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The Best Packable Hiking Gear for Your RV

Every successful hiking trip needs some sort of gear or equipment that makes your experience even better. Size, weight, and packability are key when you’re getting to the trailhead in an RV. From survival tools to fire starters, your gear can make or break a trip. It’s essential to utilize all of the best resources for RV camping

In this article, we are going to go over the best packable hiking gear for your next RV trip. Let’s get started and show you the latest camping gear for your RV.

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Altra Tushar Hiking Boot

The number one thing you need on every hike is a quality pair of hiking boots. Without them, you leave yourself open to sore feet, blisters, and a high likelihood of rolled ankles. This is where quality is essential and that’s why we highly recommend The Altra Tushar Hiking boot. You get breathability and support for long days on the trails, and waterproofing and grippy outsoles for tromping through creeks. Your feet will thank you.


Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Water is a must for any hike. Instead of grabbing a couple of water bottles or huge bulky water containers, what if you had a full collapsible water bottle instead? The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is completely collapsible and can easily be stored easily. Not only that, but it’s also dishwasher safe, so when you get home from your trip, you can easily wash it as well. 


GCI Freestyle Rocking Chair

There’s nothing better after a long, hot hike than grabbing a cold one and sitting back in a relaxing chair by the fire. That’s why we’ve included the GCI Freestyle Rocking Chair. The foldable and impressively comfortable outdoor chair acts as a rocking chair as well. It comes with a cup holder, armrests, and even a phone pocket. 


SUAOKI Camping Lantern

The SUAOKI Camping Lantern is no ordinary lantern. The lantern can charge in two different ways, either by solar when placed in the sun, or by plugging into a USB charging port inside your Newmar. It’s completely portable, foldable, and durable. It comes with three different light modes, a charging port for your phone, and is rated to be water-resistant. 


Bio Lite Head LamP

Headlamps are handy even when you’re not out on an evening hike. Our first choice in a headlamp is the Bio Lite. The main reason—this is huge—is that the head lamp requires no batteries. Instead, it is charged through USB ports. 

It weighs in at less than two ounces and offers a comfortable band around your head. It offers a massive 200 lumens and has 40 hours of power on a full charge.


Mont Bell 1000 Plasma Jacket

Camping somewhere cold? The Mont Bell 1000 Plasma Jacket is the most ultralight jacket that will protect you in freezing cold weather. The jacket weighs in at a small 4.8 ounces and can easily be packed into a bag.

The outside of the jacket has a protective shell that is made up of nylon. It is then treated with water repellant to make it the ultimate hiking jacket for campers.


SE Survivor Emergency Sleeping Bag

Hiking or camping alike, you should always have emergency supplies with you. You never know when the unexpected might happen. That’s why we recommend always having the SE Survivor Emergency Sleeping Bag with you. With an interior made of aluminized PE, it helps retain 95% of your body heat. It is made of not only a tear-resistant fabric but is also water-resistant. It can be used to protect you from the environment and its vibrant orange color lets it be used as a signal flag. 


Adventure Medical Sportsman Medical Kit

Speaking of having emergency supplies with you, having a medical kit is a necessity for every camper. Have a cut? Need a bandage or medication? What about a small sewing kit? The Adventure Medical Sportsman kit makes it easy to be prepared.  

The entire kit also fits into a small aluminum sized can, so you can carry it with you no matter where you’re hiking. Did we mention it comes with thermometers and a flashlight too?


Head for Survival Bandana

This bandana could save your life. The Head for Survival Bandana comes with survival information printed across the whole bandana, so you know what to do in emergency situations. The triangular bandana is a bright orange color for use as a signal.

Navigation? Fire starting? Shelter? Water purification? The banana will walk you through it. If that isn’t enough, it can also be used to wrap an injury, used as a dust mask, or for water collection.  


Andesite Trekking Poles

These Andesite Trekking Poles are made up of lightweight carbon fiber so you can walk for miles without them feeling heavy. They weigh-in at only 11.2 ounces. Despite their light weight, these poles are built to last the miles and help you trek across those hills and mountains. They’ll feel like an extension of your arms and legs and help you trek across steep descents, long distances, and up those mountains. 


The Best Hiking Gear for RVers

This list is full of lightweight, collapsible, and easy to pack gear. With all of the storage in your Newmar, you’ll find it easy to bring along your favorite hiking and camping accessories. 

Looking for more gear reviews, or places to put it to use? Visit our blog for more. 

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