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Options for Storing Your Motorhome This Winter

If you’re a part-time RVer who spends the winter months in a cold-weather region, the time to store your coach for the season is quickly approaching. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of storage options along with a link to our previous post on motorhome winterization, which can be found below.


Your property

If you have the room, parking your coach outside your home is a rent-free way to store it for the winter. If there isn’t space in your driveway, create one using concrete or gravel, as you wont want your motorhome sinking into your lawn. Cover the space with a canopy or steel carport roof to protect your RV from the elements. But first, you’ll want to check and see if there are any local laws or ordinances that would restrict you from having such a large vehicle parked on your property for several months.

Free resources for RVers

Where to stay, what to eat, and so much more!

A self-serve storage facility

Although most of us think of household items when we think of using a self-serve storage facility, many feature secure, long-term parking spaces large enough for your motorhome. Some even offer covered and/or heated parking options, although you may have to seek out businesses dedicated to RV storage for units large enough to accommodate a Class-A motor coach.

An RV-specific storage facility

Some storage facilities are specially designed to house RVs, trailers, boats and other recreational vehicles. Almost all offer fully-enclosed protection, while many provide heated storage options. Since they are built to accommodate motorhomes and other similar vehicles, these types of facilities sometimes offer unique benefits, such maintenance and detailing services.


Whether you do it yourself or take your coach to an RV dealer/service center, proper winterization is essential to protecting the condition of your coach. To learn more, visit our blog Tips for Winterizing Your Motorhome.

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