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Newmar Quality Begins with the Company We Keep

Much of the Newmar Difference comes from our people. As a group, we’re passionate about quality, craftsmanship, innovation and conducting business with integrity, just to name a few. And while maintaining our commitment in these areas is enough to build a great coach, the relationships we harbor with our partners and vendors is what allows us to craft some of the best RVs in the world.

At Newmar, we only work with organizations dedicated to providing our customers with unrivaled quality, comfort and convenience. It’s what allows us to equip our motorhomes with a superior level of features and technology capable of exceeding your highest expectations. Here are just a few of the brands you’ll find throughout the Newmar line of gas, diesel and luxury motorhomes.

Freightliner® Custom Chassis

Freightliner® Custom Chassis manufactures premium chassis known for their excellent ride and handling characteristics, tight turning radius, and superior reliability. Freightliner Custom Chassis pairs cutting-edge technology and engineering practices with top-quality parts and workmanship to provide a solid foundation for your coach. Freightliner Custom Chassis can be found on the Ventana LE, Ventana, Dutch Star, Mountain Aire and Essex.

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Spartan® Chassis

A highly-flexible producer of world-renowned chassis and components, Spartan® chassis provide a superior level of real-world performance, safety and innovation while minimizing vibration and noise. Every Spartan chassis is meticulously engineered based on each coach’s unique characteristics, including interior and exterior dimensions, horsepower and electrical needs. Spartan chassis are featured on the Essex and King Aire.


One of the most innovative and respected technology companies in the world, Sony® LED TVs, Blu-Ray players and tablets can all be found all throughout the Newmar line. Known for such breakthroughs as the Handycam® camcorder and Walkman® personal stereo, Sony consistently delivers a superior entertainment experience by focusing on whats next.


Flexsteel® is the most successful diversified seating company in the U.S., manufacturing seats for residential, commercial, and vehicle usage. Flexsteel furniture can be found throughout the Newmar line of RVs, including the affordable Bay Star Sport.


Experts in antenna systems design, award-winning Winegard® satellite antennas let you tune in to your favorite TV shows while you travel across the country in your Newmar coach. Winegard antennas, including satellite antennas, are part of the entire Newmar family of motorhomes.


Makers of highly advanced, ultra-intuitive appliances, Whirlpool® devices are designed to make performing your daily tasks easier, faster and smarter, so you can spend less time on chores and more time enjoying your RV. Whirlpool products are available in the Ventana LE, Dutch Star, and Mountain Aire.

Sleep Number®

Sleep Number® beds put you in control, allowing you to adjust to the exact level of comfort, firmness and support that’s right for you – all with the push of a button. The plush Sleep Number Premier air mattress is optional in the Canyon Star, Ventana LE, Ventana, Dutch Star and Mountain Aire, and is standard in the Essex and King Aire.


For nearly 100 years, Cummins® has built innovative, dependable engines that can be found in almost every type of vehicle and equipment on the planet. Cummins diesel engines are what power the Ventana LE, Ventana, Dutch Star, Mountain Aire, Essex and King Aire.

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