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Meet Newmar's Latest Engineering Breakthrough

A true engineering marvel, the STAR Foundation is Newmar’s all-new steel superstructure, designed to improve the strength and durability of every Newmar diesel and luxury coach chassis.

With the STAR Foundation, squeaks and rattles are reduced dramatically, allowing you to experience one of the quietest rides in the Class A segment. The STAR Foundation is also built to provide slide-out performance that is the most reliable on the market. Whats more, the STAR Foundation will assist Newmar engineers in continuing to develop innovative new features for years to come. Features like More Floor, which adds full-tile flooring to the flat-floor slide-outs in the 2016 Dutch Star, Mountain Aire, London Aire, Essex, and King Aire.

Long term, the STAR Foundation delivers the underlying chassis with enhanced stiffness, making it more durable and less prone to stress and distortion. Slide-out adjustments will be minimal, as there is less of a possibility that slide tubes will flex or move out of alignment. In short, Newmar slide-out systems will be more dependable than ever before, flooring will remain level and sidewalls will stay square.

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An Engineer’s Perspective

“Some of the advantages of the STAR Foundation when compared to competitive designs include the fact that the structures crossmembers run all the way across the coach from side-to-side. This helps create a more level surface, which is huge when it comes to tile flooring. The other significant advantage comes from the way we attach the STAR Foundation to the chassis at the front and rear to absorb heavy camber loads. The STAR Foundation allows us to level the chassis first and have all of that engine weight absorbed before we place the interior components. Its just like building a house. You want to have a level foundation on which to build. The STAR Foundation gives us a square, level, high-strength platform that is better able to accommodate flooring, sidewalls, slide-outs and more.”

– Ron Stichter, Newmar Vice President of Engineering

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