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Luxury Motorhomes: What Makes A Luxury Motorhome?

More powerful engines. High-end televisions paired with the latest in audio technology. Immaculately designed furniture. Handcrafted cabinetry.

Luxury motorhomes are the class of the road. When you see one on the road, they stand out. If you’ve never seen one before, one step inside and your jaw drops.

One question we’re asked all the time: what’s the difference between a luxury diesel motorhome and one that’s classified simply as “diesel?” While there’s no easy answer, this guide will explain the differences between Class A luxury motorhomes and the lower-end diesel motorhomes.

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Chassis of A Luxury Motorhome

Many luxury motorhomes are built on a custom chassis built specifically for that model of motorhome. For example, the Newmar King Aire is built on a Spartan® K3 Chassis, and the Mountain Aire is built on a Freightliner® Custom Chassis.

So what advantages does a custom chassis offer? Having a chassis built specifically for your model of motorhome makes it more reliable and able to offer a consistent, comfortable, stable driving experience. There’s nothing wrong with driving a motorhome without a standard chassis, but most people notice a difference when they buy a luxury RV, and one reason is that many are built on a customized chassis. They also offer more powerful engines than the lower end models, increasing towing and overall weight capacity.


Luxury motorhome manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve their motor coaches and make them stand out. From year to year, it seems like everything gets nicer and nicer, even in the least expensive motorhome models. This is reflected in the price: not that they get more expensive every year, but that the interior options make the RV really feel like a luxury home on wheels.

Luxury motorhomes are more expensive than your typical class A diesel motorhome. If you’re looking at luxury motorhomes for sale, the first thing you’ll notice is how the manufacturers tend to classify their motorhomes into groups and that the pricing tends to correspond with these groups. For example, Newmar offers gas motorhomes, diesel motorhomes, and luxury motorhomes.

Why are luxury motorhomes more expensive? What do they offer that standard diesel motorhomes do not?

The Details Behind Luxury

The primary difference is in those details that become so important to full-time RVers. Yes, there are some more noticeable things, like the use of higher-end electronic equipment and appliances. And of course, we’ve already talked about the more powerful engine and custom chassis, things that make a huge difference when you’re living in your motorhome rather than using it for weekend travel trips.

But what you really notice as a full-time luxury RVer is the little things. Take the spa-style master washroom of the King Aire, for example. With two sinks, an expansive 40″ x 32″ shower, and interior styling that may literally make your jaw drop, it’s impressive – but you don’t really notice how much something like that will change the way you live until you become a luxury RV owner.

Other details like the interior lighting fascia and master bedroom storage space may not seem like they’d be important, but again, the luxury isn’t about one feature. It’s about all of these things that add up and make the motorhome truly special.

What are you looking for in a motorhome? Let us know in the comments below. And check out our motorhome brochures for more details about our full line of motorhomes, from gas to diesel to luxury motorhomes.

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