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Introducing the Newmar Online Factory Tour Experience

Now you can take the Newmar Factory Tour anytime, anywhere thanks to our completely new online Factory Tour experience.

The Newmar Online Factory Tour takes you inside the walls of our Nappanee, Indiana facilities. You’ll get an inside look at our careful and precise build process, meticulous approach to quality control and much more, including:

  • The details behind our all-new steel superstructure, the STAR Foundation, including an “engineer’s perspective” from Newmar VP of Engineering, Ron Stichter.
  • How Newmar’s experienced artisans craft high-quality cabinetry, tile flooring and more.
  • The details behind our extremely thorough Customer Quality Inspection process.
  • A demonstration of Comfort Drive plus Passive Steer, which combine to deliver “the ultimate RV driving experience.”
  • How we use “Seamless Service” to deliver an ownership experience unlike any other.

Click here to take the Newmar Online Factory Tour now!

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