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Golf Club Storage and Packing: How to Keep Your Clubs Safe in an RV

Golf and RVing go hand in hand. What’s better than finding a nice resort that just so happens to be very near a championship 18-hole course? The thing is, golf clubs aren’t small, and in an RV they can take up valuable space—especially if you store them correctly. And as they’re a serious investment, you should always store them correctly.

Use the following tips to develop a successful golf club storage system that will make your golfing road trips stress-free and easy.

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Which Coach Are You?

An RV with Plenty of Size

Packing golf clubs—or anything, for that matter—is easier when your RV has enough space to accommodate them. Most Newmar coaches come with plenty of storage space and multiple floor plan options, so you can find the one that best fits your traveling needs. 

The right floor plan means more space for you. It also means you don’t have to subject your clubs to being shoved into a cramped RV. You can instead give them plenty of space to breathe.


Golf Club Bag Selection

For travel, a golf club bag can make all the difference in the world. There are many different kinds of golf club bags available, but two of the most common are tour bags and roller bags.

While you may want a tour bag or roller bag for your day on the links, these bags are not ideal for storing your golf clubs in the long term. For that, you will want a golf travel bag. A travel bag will keep your clubs the most secure and safe during travel out of all the other types of bags.

Make sure that you get the right-sized bag to accommodate your clubs and all the other things you wish to store. Too small of a bag can put undue pressure on your clubs and cause them to break. On the other hand, too big of a bag will cause them to roll around and may damage them as well.


Golf Club Storage Basics

Packing your golf bag starts with maintaining your clubs. Before packing golf clubs for travel, make sure that your clubs are dry and clean. Remove any dirt or water.

You can also polish your clubs so that they maintain their luster and integrity while in storage. Polishing is part of the necessary maintenance required to keep clubs at their best anyway, so doing so before storing in your RV will have them ready for when you’re at your destination. 

Do not store your golf clubs in the trunk of a car or a similar space in your RV. Areas like trunks can cause your clubs to crash around and damage one another. Extreme temperature changes can also be harmful for your clubs. 

It’s best to store your clubs somewhere in your RV, where the space is climate controlled. Secure them so that they won’t come into contact with each other or be hit by other objects. 

You also don’t want your clubs causing damage to anyone else. Try to keep them out of aisleways or areas where people frequently walk, so no one will trip over them. Internal storage compartments are great for this, as are small closets for gear. A lot depends on what your RV has to offer for storage areas.


How to Pack Golf Clubs

The way you pack your golf bag makes a big difference in how safe and secure your clubs are during transit.

  • A telescopic pole that can extend within your golf bag is a great idea for protecting your clubs. This will take the pressure off your golf clubs and help prevent them from snapping.
  • Remove your club heads if your clubs have this feature. This will allow you to pack more into your bag and also prevent your clubs from breaking.
  • Then, flip your clubs before putting them in your bag. 
  • Pack around your clubs with towels, golf clothes, or other soft fabric items. Make sure to store your tees and balls in a separate part of your bag to avoid having them come in contact with your fragile clubs.
  • Don’t over-pack your golf bag. Too many items can cramp your bag and put pressure on your clubs, potentially breaking them. Also, nobody likes lugging around a heavy golf bag once on the links.


Get Ready for the Trip of a Lifetime

Nobody wants to arrive at a great golf destination with broken clubs or misplaced items. All of this can be avoided with a little planning before leaving for your trip.

To plan a great golf getaway, check out this guide to RV-friendly golf courses.

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