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Cool Hiking Gear For The RV Enthusiast

Hiking is one of the best ways to get to know a new area. Whether you travel to National Parks to hike popular, well-traversed trails or follow that mystery gravel path at the campsite, there are a lot of cool gadgets and products that can take your trek to the next level.

Here are some hiking essentials to add to your RV packing list.

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Garmin vivoactive® 4

Hiking is a great way to shake off the stiffness from long driving days. Keep track of your health and limber up with the help of a Garmin vivoactive 4. This smartwatch tracks stress, sleep, and heart rate data—it’s even great for walking. It can be tough to track the length of hikes or campground strolls—especially if the signage isn’t great.

The vivoactive 4 counts steps, letting you know how far you’ve walked. Check this stat daily to meet a step goal while lowering calories, enhancing your mood, and reducing joint pain. Plus, it’s easy to get in the groove since the watch connects to Spotify and Amazon Music. Hiking solo? The vivoactive 4 has emergency safety features like letting a predetermined contact know your location at the touch of a button.

REI Co-op Flash 22 Pack

Every hiker needs a small pack to carry hiking essentials like water, snacks, and safety gear. The REI Co-op Flash 22 Pack is perfect for those multiple-hour jaunts. It features ergonomic straps and a hip belt to take the pack weight off your shoulders. The back of the bag is lightly padded mesh to promote comfort and airflow. The two mesh bottle pockets on the exterior sides make sure you can easily stay hydrated.

The interior features a water bladder sleeve and port for extra water. Strap your trekking poles into the carrying loops and place items you may need quickly in the top flap (aka the brain), where they’re just a zipper away. Plus, the Flash 22 Pack is made of bluesign®-approved material, meaning the manufacturing process was friendly for the planet and the workers.


Hiker First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need first aid gear in the outdoors. The Hiker Medic kit from My Medic is perfect for tossing in your day pack for short hikes. The pack weighs only 5.7 ounces and contains a wide range of items, like insect bite sting relief, burnshield, a space blanket, and wound care items. You can even use parts of the kit for your adventure dog, like gauze pads and triple antibiotic ointment for foot pad injuries. Want to beef up this hiking essentials kit with additional supplies? Check out modifications for burns, blisters, sprains, dehydration, and more.


Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Do you love taking photos while hiking? You’re probably familiar with the struggle to reach into your pack every time you want your camera. Or maybe you wear a camera strap around your neck, your camera bumping into your chest with every step. It’s time for an upgrade to the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip.

This clever 2.5-ounce device clips onto a backpack strap. It features a quick-release so you can grab your camera to take that shot of an elk crossing the stream or the bison meandering the slope. Whether you’re using a point-and-shoot model or something bigger with a telescopic lens, this small accessory will securely hold your camera as you stroll through flat, wooded areas or up steep inclines. Plus, you can use the Capture Camera Clip to hold binoculars or a GoPro with additional parts.


Rumpl Travel Blanket

There’s nothing fun about getting cold as you cool down from a hike. Whether you’re walking through the desert in Moab or whale watching from land in Alaska, it’s important to be prepared in case you get chilly. The Rumpl Travel Blanket can be a game-changer. The puffy blanket is made with recycled polyester fabric and filled with recycled synthetic down. It packs down to be the size of a Nalgene water bottle and will easily fit in a daypack. And, it comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns—there are even NFL team blankets.

At just 0.7 pounds, this Rumpl belongs on your hiking gear list. Pull it out at the summit when you start to get a little cold while eating lunch. Wrap yourself in it if darkness catches you without extra layers, and even wear it around your legs at a post-hike dinner stop. For a snugglier version to stash in your RV, check out the Sherpa Puffy, lined with high pile fleece.


Kula Cloth

Taking care of hygiene on a hike can keep you comfortable and ensure your body is in top shape to go as far as you want. That means staying hydrated and having to use the restroom. You could carry toilet paper and pack it out with you or hope that public restrooms and port-a-johns haven’t run out. Drip drying can leave you feeling uncomfortable, so don’t go unprepared—bring a Kula Cloth.

These antimicrobial cloths weigh 0.63 ounces and feature an absorbent side and a waterproof side to prevent your hands from getting wet. Once you’ve used the cloth, snap the corners together to enclose the absorbent side to keep it sanitary. You can snap the cloth to your daypack where the sun and fresh air will dry it and kill bacteria. Kula Cloths feature retro-reflective thread strips, so you can even find them in the dark. These hygiene must-haves are great for those looking to minimize their environmental impact and use fewer paper products.


Interested in additional hiking gear tips and locations to visit? Visit our blog.

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