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Canyon Star: The Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

The Canyon Star is the flagship of the Newmar gas motorhome line. It matches the luxury look, feel, and features of a diesel motor coach with the versatility of a gas motorhome that can be used as a weekender, vacationer, or full-time RV.

All of these features are included in the design of the Canyon Star floor plan 3911. But the 3911 floorplan is different for a very important reason – the Class A motorhome is the only wheelchair accessible motorhome for sale currently on the market.

What’s different in a wheelchair accessible RV?

Every year, Newmar innovates by advancing previous designs. Developing the handicap accessible motorhome was done in part by listening to the needs of Newmar owners that are wheelchair users. It advanced and modified the existing Canyon Star design to create a fully wheelchair accessible motorhome for handicapped RV owners.

So how does an interior redesign accommodate wheelchair bound RVers? It starts with the Braun Century 2 powered wheelchair lift. The powered lift can be operated directly by the wheelchair user with the wired remote, or by a family member or friend. The Braun lift has two handrails that provide support, and is capable of lifting up to 800 pounds.

Inside, it’s all about the details. The interior of the Canyon Star wheelchair accessible floor plan offers the same comfort and style as the other Canyon Star floor plans, but features a 30-inch track from the front of the cockpit to the master bedroom at the rear of the cabin.

An ADA-approved shower is the highlight of the spa. Counters are lowered in the kitchen for wheelchair accessibility, and the microwave and interior control panel are both moved to add convenience for handicapped Canyon Star owners. Grab bars throughout the Canyon Star make it extremely accessible.

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Why create the wheelchair accessible Canyon Star?

People ask why we went to the trouble to design a wheelchair accessible motorhome floor plan. We started with the stories we’d heard from Newmar owners and motorhome enthusiasts over the years. Their passion for being part of the recreational vehicle lifestyle was important to us. In the past, we’d worked with individual owners to customize motor coaches for wheelchair accessibility, and we felt it was time to introduce a floor plan designed for wheelchair users.

The feedback we have received over the past year has been overwhelming. The Canyon Star floor plan 3911, the handicap accessible motorhome, returned in 2014 because we felt it was important to introduce the same updates and overall interior improvements we instituted in the Canyon Star to the wheelchair accessible RV floor plan.

As time goes on and we get to know the Newmar community better and better, we are always amazed by the passion that owners have for the recreational vehicle lifestyle and how involved they are in the community. We work every day to maintain the same level of service and quality. That’s the Newmar Difference, and that’s why the Canyon Star wheelchair accessible floor plan is part of the Newmar model line again in 2014.

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