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5 Ways RVing Beats Flying

If you love RVing, you’ve probably found yourself aboard a commercial jet at one time or another, thinking to yourself, I sure wish I was 30,000 feet below, cruising down the highway in my motorhome. If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people, including your friends at Newmar, would choose the freedom of the open road over a cramped airplane any day.

Still, there are some out there who feel that traveling the friendly skies is the way to go. For those folks, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why hitting the road almost always beats taking flight.

 1. When YOU’RE up in the sky, you miss the journey

Many will argue that the best thing about traveling is the time spent on the way to your destination. The road trip games, quality time spent with family and friends, not to mention the sights and sounds you encounter driving across this great nation of ours. From the fields of green and gorgeous mountain ranges, to the soaring skylines and unforgettable landmarks, it doesn’t get any better than life on the highway.

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2. Riding in a coach is much better flying coach

Up in the air, you’re forced to spend hours on end confined to a narrow seat in a cramped space. Turbulence is a nightmare that is often unavoidable, and if you aren’t lucky enough to land a window seat, the only scenery involves the people sitting just inches away. A motorhome, on the other hand, is a roomy, plush oasis where everyone rides first class. You can choose the movies you want to see, nap in your own bed, heck, you can even whip up a delicious meal!

3. On the ground, YOU’RE in control

For many of us, having someone else in the drivers seat is an uncomfortable predicament. When you board a flight, you’re no longer the leader of the ship. You’re told when you can get up and walk around and snacks are limited to a miniature bag of peanuts and can of soda. Should you need any assistance, you have to rely on a flight attendant who is likely exhausted, jet-lagged and irritated from dealing with rude passengers. With a motor coach, however, you’re the captain, in charge of everything from the speedometer to whats playing on the radio. You can choose to stop and stretch or grab a bite at a local restaurant just off the interstate. It’s your call.

4. With an RV, you can bring it all

Sure, flying will get you there, but you’ll be leaving a whole lot behind. Save for some luggage and a small carry-on bag, you wont be bringing much with you on a plane other than a few outfits and some toiletries. Get there in a Class-A motorhome, and you and yours will arrive with all of your gear, including your entire wardrobe, camping and recreation supplies and of course, your personal vehicle for trips into town.

5. RVing just plain costs less

In many cases, traveling by RV adds up to a less expensive family vacation. Don’t believe it? According to a PFK comparison study conducted in 2011, a family of four can save 25-59 percent on vacation expenses traveling by motor coach, while couples can save 11-46 percent, even after fuel and ownership costs are considered. The same study also found that vacationing in a Class-A coach was 45 percent less expensive than an upscale vacation, taking into account both airfare and hotel accommodations.

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