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10 Games for Your Next RV Road Trip

Exploring America and beyond in your motorhome is always time well spent, especially when it means being in the company of family and friends. But as much as there is to see and enjoy in this magnificent country of ours, there are often hundreds of miles that separate one destination from the next.

So to help keep you and your passengers entertained this summer, we’ve compiled a list of travel games and activities riders of all ages are sure to enjoy.

1. Travel-Size Board Games

It’s tough to go wrong with road-friendly versions of classic board games, including Guess Who?, checkers, Battleship, and Connect Four.

2. Translate the Plate

Each passenger is assigned their own set of letters and numbers, taken from the license plate of a passing car. Treating the combination like a secret message, the person that comes up with the funniest or most clever meaning wins.

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3. Mad Libs

A timeless classic, Mad Libs is the “World’s Greatest Word Game” for a reason. With editions covering everything from holidays to movies, players are prompted to fill in the blanks of a story with a specified part of speech before enjoying the hilarity that ensues.

4. Cars of the World

If you have a group of gearheads on board, Cars of the World can be a fun way to pass the time as you travel from state-to-state. Each player randomly draws a country of origin representing automotive brands commonly found on American roads. For example, North America, Japan and Germany. For every auto that cruises on by, a point is given to the individual assigned that manufacturer’s country of origin. So if your coach is passed by a cherry red Corvette, the player who drew North America would be awarded a point.

5. Song Speak

This one is amazingly simple yet incredibly fun. One player begins a conversation with a line from a favorite song and each participant thereafter must keep the discussion going using only song lyrics. Each time a player is stumped, he or she is eliminated. A round of Song Speak may begin like this: “What I like about you, brown-eyed girl…”

6. 20 Questions

The old standby, 20 Questions is sure to entertain for hours on end. All it takes is for the leader to think of a person, place or thing. The rest of the group then asks a combined 20 (maximum) yes or no questions in an attempt to figure out what’s on the leader’s mind. Whoever guesses correctly becomes the new leader.

7. Odd or Even

Another favorite among license plate fans, odd or even has participants guess how many of the next 50 license plates will end with either an odd (or even) number. The player closest to the correct number at the end of the game wins.

8. The Radio Game

The radio game is always a big hit with music lovers. Simply hit the “search” button (or “seek,” depending on the buttons your coach features) and wait until your radio stops on a song. One point is awarded for correctly naming the song, another for accurately identifying the artist and three points for accomplishing both.

9. Categories

The game begins when someone names a category like landmarks, for example. The competition then rotates from player to player, with each naming the first landmark that comes to mind: “The Grand Canyon, The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore…” until someone winds up stumped. That player is eliminated. The last man or woman left standing is declared the winner.

10. Egg Hunt

A favorite among families, egg hunt involves hiding plastic eggs throughout an RV (preferably away from the driver). From there, children are free to roam about in search of the hidden treasure, which can be filled with candy, small toys or other treats that make finding the eggs that much more fun.

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