Enjoy the Highest Standards of Quality

When your mission is to build the best coaches in the industry, you need the industry’s best people.

High-quality Amish craftsmanship is the hallmark of our construction process. Our dealer-quality inspection team painstakingly reviews every motorhome we manufacture to ensure that each detail is correct. Before we ship a coach, it has been checked and re-checked for real-world performance.

Excellence From the Ground Up

In our motorhomes, we start with an innovative chassis weld process to ensure that your Newmar RV drives with less noise, a smoother ride and has a longer service life. After the chassis is leveled and squared, it is painstakingly integrated into the rest of the structure for strength and integrity. Sub-floor structures are welded to the chassis rail and are insulated for easy climate control.

The Finest RV Flooring

The flooring in every Newmar RV— from our high-quality, durable tile to the plush, luxurious carpeting— is placed with the highest level of care. Tile is laid and bonded with quality adhesives, so tiles don’t lift and grout doesn’t crack. Carpeting and padding are cut back from the walls to ensure that moisture doesn’t seep in, and that your recreational vehicle’s walls rest on a firm foundation.

100% Handcrafted Cabinetry

All Newmar cabinetry is custom built in our facility. All joints on our hardwood cabinets are glued and then screwed together for extra durability. A hand-sanded finish helps minimize seams so your cabinetry is as beautiful as it is durable.

The Strongest Sidewalls and Roofs

Newmar RV sidewalls are designed like those of residential homes to make them more rigid and dependable. By building aluminum frames with studs 16 inches on center, your sidewalls and roof will form a strong, lightweight, integrated structure so you can enjoy superior insulation.

Patented Slideout Designs

Newmar pushed the RV industry forward by introducing the first flat-floor slideouts. We continue to lead today with our patented flat-floor slideout designs. The same insight and experience that helped us improve slideout functionality has also helped us improve slideout quality. Our slideouts include bulb seals to block out moisture, and many of our models feature power lock arms to create a compressive seal with the coach wall.

Lavish Interiors and Exteriors

The difference is in the details. That’s why we lay our own tile flooring. And that’s why we built an innovative paint facility that allows us to offer one of the most highly desired exterior finishes in the industry. Learn more about our exclusive Full-Paint Masterpiece™ Finish.

Rigorous Quality Control. Award-Winning Customer Support.

Before we deliver your Newmar RV, it’s tested and inspected with a rigorous multi-step weighing and inspection process. Unlike other RV manufacturers, we individually weigh every unit so you know exactly how much load you can handle. And our chassis are laser aligned after assembly to ensure a straight, stable ride.

Finally, we continue to support every Newmar owner with award-winning service, including one-call warranty service. We process and ship all stocked ordered parts within 24 hours and we offer onsite service and repair at our facility, if necessary.

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