Comfort Drive

Only From Newmar

A Newmar-exclusive that is standard on our diesel and luxury-diesel models, Comfort Drive™ is a self-straightening steering wheel that actively eliminates friction, allowing you to navigate twists, turns, and maneuvers with more confidence and less fatigue.

When combined with Passive Steer technology, which is included on all luxury-diesel models and 40 to 43-foot Ventana and Dutch Star diesel coaches, Comfort Drive delivers “the ultimate RV driving experience” with help from an advanced tag axle chassis. Passive Steer creates a tighter turning angle by engaging both the front and far-rear wheels, reducing costly tire scrub wear and providing safer, more precise handling capabilities.

 Above sketch represents a tag axle chassis with Passive Steer technology


By closely adapting to your steering inputs while actively eliminating friction, Comfort Drive lets you steer with a light grip that won’t leave you sore or fatigued after a long trip.


Even on the highway, Comfort Drive makes it easy to stay in your lane, no matter the road conditions. It even adjusts to heavy crosswinds so that you no longer notice them.

Exceptional Confidence

With Comfort Drive, you’ll exert less effort turning and maneuvering thanks to a self-straightening wheel that makes parking and navigating tight spaces easy.


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