Newmar Presents

There are a lot of ways to live the
Newmar lifestyle

How do you do it?

From the resort to the mountains, the oceanfront beach to the vast desert, every Newmar owner has a unique way of living the lifestyle. Check out how a certain few get the most out of their Newmar.

Mise en Place

Join Monica and Bill on their RV adventure as they explore local ingredients and prepare a delicious meal in their Newmar Kountry Star.


On Track

It’s not easy being owner of an IndyCar team. Even less so when you’re paralyzed. But Sam Schmidt doesn’t let anything hold him back. Join him inside his Dutch Star mobility unit, sitting trackside at a race in the great Midwest.



The Adventurists

There’s beauty everywhere, and Stephan and Stephanie Hawks are out to find it. Join them in their Dutch Star—Dutch Jr. —as they visit a national park and enjoy a death-defying 4×4 run on Hell’s Revenge.



Passing Thru

Do a little self-discovery with Bill and Nana Langton. Nana, a serious thru hiker, hits the Arizona Trail while Bill supports her from their Bay Star, Moose—while snapping pro-level nature photographs all around him.



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