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Want an RV That's Easier to Handle? Try Comfort Drive

For many, getting behind the wheel of a motorhome isn’t the pleasurable experience it should be. Maneuvering in and out of tight spaces can be a chore, while maintaining control at highway speeds – especially in the midst of a crosswind – can be downright difficult. Several years back, the engineers here at Newmar decided to change all of that.

The result? One of the biggest steering breakthroughs the RV industry has ever seen – Newmar Comfort Drive™.
What is Comfort Drive™?

Improved Safety

Even at highway speeds, Comfort Drive makes it easy to stay in your lane – no matter the road conditions. It even adjusts to crosswinds so that you no longer notice them.

Enhanced Comfort

By actively adapting to your steering inputs while eliminating friction, Comfort Drive lets you steer with a light grip that won’t leave you feeling sore and fatigued after a long trip.

Exceptional Confidence

With Comfort Drive, you’ll exert less effort turning thanks to a self-straightening wheel that makes parking and navigating tight spaces easy.

In other words, Comfort Drive helps your coach handle more like your car.

Experience Comfort Drive for Yourself

Comfort Drive is now available throughout the entire Newmar diesel and luxury line, which includes Ventana LE, Ventana, Dutch Star, Mountain Aire, London Aire, Essex and King Aire.

Test drive Comfort Drive today and experience the Newmar Difference for yourself. Click here to find the Newmar dealer nearest you.

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