Industrial Finishes and BASF

for a true Masterpiece finish

Industrial Finishes & Systems and BASF have been supporting RV OEMs and dealerships for over four decades. The Industrial Finishes / BASF system allows paint shops to work efficiently without ever having to compromise on quality.

For Newmar, the result is a true Masterpiece Finish – one of the most stunning and durable paint finishes in the industry. And it comes standard on all Newmar models, from the most affordable to the most luxurious. Working closely with Industrial Finishes and BASF, Newmar has refined a system that ensures the same high level of quality and appearance on each and every coach.

The BASF basecoat offers superior color vibrancy and exceptional “sparkle.” BASF clear coat provides longer-lasting gloss, advanced UV protection and high scratch resistance, resulting in a beautiful finish that looks great mile after mile, year after year.

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