Flexsteel Recreation

Seating designed for a life that rarely sits still

Flexsteel believes that life on the move shouldn’t require sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re touring America’s national parks or spending a weekend on the open road with friends, Flexsteel’s space-saving designs help you live large in small quarters.

Flexsteel Recreation is constantly creating new technologies to provide safe and comfortable furnishings that help you go further. They pride themselves on quality and innovation—two things that ensure they remain the leader in motorhome, travel trailer, and fifth wheel seating.

What truly sets Flexsteel Recreation apart is their commitment to bringing the comforts of home to the open road. With careful attention to detail, Flexsteel's design and engineering teams develop innovative modular and multi-purpose solutions that optimize your space.

As a result, Flexsteel offers some of the safest, most durable, and relevant designs in the marketplace for dining, sleeping, and lounging. To learn more, visit Flexsteel.com

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