Factory Tour Release of Liability

In consideration of receiving permission from Newmar Corporation to enter its manufacturing operations, each of the undersigned on their own behalf, and on behalf of any minor accompanying them, does hereby:

  1. Agree to fully and completely observe and abide by the rules stated below and all instructions and directions given by Newmar Corporation agents and employees during the tour; and to ensure such compliance by any minor accompanying the adult.
  2. Acknowledge I am aware of the risk and hazards inherent in entering manufacturing areas, including the risk of injury or damage to personal property, and voluntarily assume such risk and hazards.
  3. Represents to Newmar Corporation I do not have any infirmity or impairment that would prevent me from observing and abiding by all necessary rules and precautions for my safety while participating in the tour.
  4. Release Newmar Corporation and its agents, officers, servants and employees, of and from any liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by me while participating in the tour of Newmar Corporation’s manufacturing operations.

Safety Rules:

  1. Safety glasses or prescription glasses must be worn at all times while in the manufacturing buildings. (hearing protection is available upon request.)
  2. Visitors will stay inside the aisles designated by yellow lines.
  3. Visitors must have tennis or boot like shoes with a closed toe.
  4. In the event of a fire, exit the building and meet at the Northwest corner of the parking lot.
  5. Visitors will follow the tour guide’s instructions.
  6. No tobacco use (of any sort) while inside Newmar buildings and vehicles.
  7. No pets of any kind.
  8. No children under 8 years of age.
  9. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for moving equipment and tripping hazards.
  10. You must be accompanied by a Newmar Corporation representative at all times during the tour. Please refrain from wandering away from the group and exiting the tour prior to its completion.
  11. Please sustain from taking pictures and or video during the tour.
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