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The 2016 King Aire - Featuring Decor Fabrics from Ralph Lauren

At Newmar, we combine superior craftsmanship and modern luxury like no one else.

Nowhere is this more evident than inside the 2016 King Aire, which, for the first time, features exclusive interior fabrics from the Ralph Lauren® Home Collection.

Rich in detail and woven in the finest mills, fabrics from the Ralph Lauren represent the worlds finest textiles.

The 2016 King Aire offers four spectacular interior decor options from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection, each possessing its own distinct look and feel.

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Arundel Interior

Arundel features rich textures and shimmering metallic hues, which come together to create an elegant, inviting decor.

Camber Interior

Camber features textures woven in a camel and chocolate palette to create an ornate yet welcoming atmosphere.

Balmoral Interior

Balmoral emphasizes traditional hues that transcend fashion trends in favor of timeless elegance.

Durham Interior

Durham features sophisticated, detailed textures in a rich charcoal palette to present a classic look and feel.

No matter your style, there’s a decor fabric from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection that’s sure to appeal to your unique tastes. But as you may have already guessed, words aren’t of much use when it comes to the 2016 King Aire. Built, designed and engineered to represent the world’s best, King Aire is a coach that must be experienced.

Experience the 2016 King Aire for yourself at your Newmar dealer. Click here to locate the Newmar dealer nearest you.

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