Want an RV that’s Easier to Handle? Try Comfort Drive

logo-horzFor many, getting behind the wheel of a motorhome isn’t the pleasurable experience it should be. Maneuvering in and out of tight spaces can be a chore, while maintaining control at highway speeds – especially in the midst of a crosswind – can be downright difficult. Several years back, the engineers here at Newmar decided to change all of that. The result? One of the biggest steering breakthroughs the RV industry has ever seen – Newmar Comfort Drive™.


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Newmar Quality Begins with the Company We Keep

Much of the Newmar Difference comes KingAireInteriorfrom our people. As a group, we’re passionate about quality, craftsmanship, innovation and conducting business with integrity, just to name a few. And while maintaining our commitment in these areas is enough to build a great coach, the relationships we harbor with our partners and vendors is what allows us to craft some of the best RVs in the world.

At Newmar, we only work with organizations dedicated to providing our customers with unrivaled quality, comfort and convenience. It’s what allows us to equip our motorhomes with a superior level of features and technology capable of exceeding your highest expectations. Here are just a few of the brands you’ll find throughout the Newmar line of gas, diesel and luxury motorhomes.

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Canyon Star: The Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

CanyonStarWheelchairThe Canyon Star is the flagship of the Newmar gas motorhome line. It matches the luxury look, feel, and features of a diesel motor coach with the versatility of a gas motorhome that can be used as a weekender, vacationer, or full-time RV.

All of these features are included in the design of the Canyon Star floor plan 3911. But the 3911 floorplan is different for a very important reason — the Class A motorhome is the only wheelchair accessible motorhome for sale currently on the market.

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The 2014 Newmar King Aire – Luxury Motorhome

KingAireIf you’re in the market for a luxury recreational vehicle, it doesn’t get any better than the King Aire motorhome. The King Aire Luxury Motor Coach offers a powerful engine, a 600 HP Cummins turbo diesel, and the interior reminds owners of a luxury resort. From front to back and wall to wall, high-end residential amenities show why the King Aire RV is road royalty.

This is your introduction to the 2014 King Aire. In this post, we’ll discuss new features for the 2014 King Aire, tips on finding the right motorhome, and highlight some ways that the King Aire stands out from other Class A motorhomes on the market today.

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Luxury Motorhomes: What Makes A Luxury Motorhome?

Luxury MotorhomeMore powerful engines. High-end televisions paired with the latest in audio technology. Immaculately designed furniture. Handcrafted cabinetry.

Luxury motorhomes are the class of the road. When you see one on the road, they stand out. If you’ve never seen one before, one step inside and your jaw drops.

One question we’re asked all the time: what’s the difference between a luxury diesel motorhome and one that’s classified simply as “diesel?” While there’s no easy answer, this guide will explain the differences between Class A luxury motorhomes and the lower-end diesel motorhomes.

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