Our Favorite Campsite Games

Campsite_cornholeWhether your preferred getaway is a good old-fashioned national park campground or a gorgeous waterfront RV resort lot, campsite games are the perfect opportunity for family time, making new friends, or just enjoying the company of your other half. So we brought together a list of our favorite games old and new, each certain to make your next adventure even more fun! 

Polish Horseshoes


Players needed: Four

Space required: Generous

Necessary supplies: One flying disc or “Frisbee,” two stakes with a flat enough top to accommodate an empty bottle, and two empty bottles

A.K.A. Spanish Horseshoes, French Darts

What it’s all about: Players take turns tossing a flying disc at their opponent’s bottle, which sits atop the opposite stake. The stakes are placed 20, 30 or 40 feet apart, depending on space and skill level. Upping the ante, players must only have one hand available for throwing and catching, so an object must be held in each player’s opposite had at all times.

Want to know more? Visit thepolishhorseshoes.com




Players needed: At least two, although four is ideal

Space required: Moderate

Necessary supplies: Two specially designed boards, eight bean bags (two sets of four)

A.K.A. Bean Bag Toss, Bags

What it’s all about: Players alternate tossing four bean bags each. For every bean bag that lands on the opposite board, that player’s team is awarded one point. For every bag that goes inside the hole at the top of each board, that player’s team is granted three points. It all ends when a team or player reaches 21 points.

Want to know more? Visit playcornhole.org


Ladder Golf


Players needed: Two or more

Space required: Moderate

Necessary supplies: One specially designed ladder, six bolas

A.K.A. Ladderball, Ladder Toss, Bolaball

What it’s all about: Each player is given three bolas, which, in the case of Ladder Golf, consists of two golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The goal? Try and wrap each of your bolas around one of the three steps on the ladder, which should be positioned about 15-feet feet from the “toss line.” Players receive one point for every successful toss, until 21 points is reached.

Want to know more? Visit laddergolf.com




Players needed: Two or more

Space required: Moderate

Necessary supplies: Five large wooden dice, one paper scorecard per player

A.K.A. Yard Yahtzee

What it’s all about: An outdoor version of Yahtzee, “Yardzee” represents the latest campsite game to take the internet by storm. And the rules are the same – each player rolls five dice all at once, highest total wins. There are 13 rounds, and each roll is scored in one of 13 categories (see scoresheet). The first player to score once in all 13 categories wins!

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Apples to Apples


Players needed: Four or more

Space required: Minimal

Necessary supplies: One Apples to Apples “Party Box”

What it’s all about: Apples to Apples is card game that’s fun for groups of all ages, especially large ones! Every player receives anywhere from 5-15 cards to begin the game. Each round requires a “judge,” a role that rotates from player-to-player. The judge selects one green card and shares it with the rest of the players, who must submit one of their cards to the judge so that he or she may select a favorite “match.”

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