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Introducing Newgle - Newmar's Incredible New Knowledge Base

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for information on a particular Newmar coach, from operating instructions for the slide-outs on a 2006 Mountain Aire to the chassis maintenance schedule for a late-model Canyon Star, Newgle is for you.

An exhaustive yet easy-to-navigate technical knowledge center, Newgle features 11 separate product and component categories along with more than 80 subcategories. Each contains troubleshooting and problem-solving articles as well as user guides, installation instructions, product manuals, training videos, technical support documentation and much more.

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Newgle is a dynamic, multi-faceted knowledge center that is constantly evolving as content is regularly added and updated. Despite the efforts of our dedicated, full-time Newgle staff, we know that not every piece of relevant information has been loaded into the knowledge base.

Fortunately, with the help of the “Newgle it!” search function, users can view search results from both Newgle and Google all on the same page. It’s all part of Newmar’s “Seamless Service” guarantee.

Newgle has been available to Newmar dealers and service center technicians since last December, and is now open to Newmar owners who submit an account request. Currently, users have access to non-technical content. As Newgle continues to grow and improve in the coming months, users will also gain access to more refined information relevant to their coach’s specific year and model.

Click here to request a Newgle account today!

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