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Get Our 2016 Top RV Resorts Guide - FREE!

While your open-road adventures may be just as much about the journey as the final destination, its always nice to know you’ll have a place to park your coach (and enjoy yourself) no matter where you end up.

But despite the fact that the internet is full of information on hotels and restaurants, there isn’t much to be found on RV resorts. That’s why we at Newmar decided to create The 2016 Top RV Resorts Guide.

This free resource delivers important information on 26 different Class-A-friendly RV resorts located in every region of the United States, from family focused facilities to world-class luxury escapes.

You’ll find:

  • RV resorts located in the Midwest, Northeast, down South and out West
  • A collection of key features and accommodations for each resort
  • Need-to-Know information, including daily rates, seasonal availability and standard hookups

Every resort inside The 2016 Top RV Resorts Guide is pet-friendly and offers a long-list of desirable amenities.

Click here to get your free copy and start planning your next road trip today!

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