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Peace of mind means that you can always rely on us for the highest level of owner service and support. We offer factory training to each Newmar service center partner, and we train our Newmar service staff personally so that they’re knowledgeable and efficient.

We believe that quality is the most important ingredient in RV construction. That’s why each of our models is made with the best RV parts and accessories. Every element is crafted with the highest level of care, from our fifth-wheel frames and handcrafted cabinetry…even down to the installation of our RV appliances.

Pride…personal attention to detail…and reliable service and owner support. Those are just a few of the qualities that help make every single Newmar RV different.

Parts Lookup/Technical Information

The link below provides a general item listing as a reference for parts that may be available for purchase. Upon entering the ComNet2 website, you will see an "Item Listing" icon to the left of the screen. By clicking on this icon, you are able to search specific parts either by Newmar part number or by description. When searching by description, it may be easier to be vague when looking for a part as this feature has been set-up to find "exact phrases."

**Please Note: Newmar prohibits customers from purchasing and installing LP (or other fueled components) and certain electronic components. FOR YOUR SAFETY, these items are to be installed by trained professionals.

Please contact a Newmar dealer or a Newmar Customer Service Representative at 1-800-731-8300 before attempting to replace any electonic or fueled components.

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