Join us for the Alaska/Yukon Caravan
    June 4-July 15, 2011

    The ultimate RV trip is the one that takes you as far north as you can go in the USA…Alaska! Grand vistas of boreal and alpine forests, mountains and glaciers, combined with a wide variety of wildlife are reason enough, but there is so much more! You will learn about the significance of the Bering Sea as a worldwide food source, and how permafrost is a major factor in local geography. You can view trumpeter swans, puffins, humpback whales, sea lions and sea otters in their environment.  You will float in a sea of icebergs while you watch and listen as a glacier calves into the sea.  You will walk the same boardwalks where, more than a hundred years ago, thousands came seeking gold.  You can observe that same free spirit mindset in modern day miners. You can watch bald eagles soar and whales frolic.  You can absorb both recent and ancient history of the region.  You can have personal contact with the First Nation Peoples who demonstrate their culture and share their ways of life. You can learn about the challenges that faced the builders of the original Alaska Highway in 1942.

    As you head north and west, the incredible views are constantly changing. A variety of forests, dominated by white or black spruce, exist in Northern British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, and Alaska as the climate and soil conditions change.  Wildflowers are abundant.  Fireweed is everywhere with its bright magenta-colored blossoms that literally function as nature’s clock. Blooms creep up its stalk as the summer season progresses.  Vast areas of forest have been changed forever by recent wildfires.  Over 6 million acres burned in Alaska during the summer of 2004.  We will drive through the middle of a 2004 1.6 million acre burn on the Taylor Highway.

    Majestic mountains, tundra, alpine lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, and some of the largest river systems in the world await your cameras.  Wildlife that you might encounter along the roads include both black and brown (aka grizzly) bears, moose, caribou, bison, wolves, and elk, along with Stone, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, and Dall sheep.  Opportunities also abound for bird watching in grasslands, and along streams, lakes, and salt water.  Fishing opportunities are also a great reason for going to Alaska.  Fish for and feast on fresh salmon and halibut.  Kountry Klub caravan travel ensures a more secure, relaxing, and fun-filled journey. Your co-host couples have secured a value-packed, educational, and entertaining itinerary.  Oh yes, you will also have free time that provides opportunities for personal exploring, both during and after, the caravan.  The excitement is building!

    One of the unique advantages of this caravan is our method of travel.  We begin with a manageable limit of 21 rigs.  Your wagonmasters travel ahead while the tailgunners bring up the rear ensuring that everyone makes it safely to the next campground. We travel in groups of 3 to 5 rigs. This enables flexibility for serendipitous stops and helps reduce the impact on other highway traffic. Each member rig will receive a copy of The MILEPOST, the essential trip planner and reference document for Alaskan travel.  You will also receive your own custom Travel Book.  It includes detailed directions and the activities scheduled at each stop plus helpful references to The MILEPOST.  Frequent travel briefings are held along the way during group socials!

    Our caravan forms up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on June 4 and disbands in Fairbanks on July 15 after 42 days of adventure.   This allows the opportunity for everyone to seek out places of interest in Alaska along whatever route they choose going south.  Many travel south with their new-found friends in mini-caravans.

    Campground reservations have already been arranged. Reservations for tours, rides, shows, meals, and museums have also been arranged.  A complete itinerary is available from the Kountry Klub office. Traveling with a group of friends makes for an elevated sense of enjoyment.  Experiences of the day are shared along with much laughter at afternoon social hours and potlucks. If travel by caravan, especially one as long as this one, in the comfort zone of hosts and fellow Klub members, with an itinerary that hits all the major attractions, appeals to you, contact the Kountry Klub office now (877-639-5582) for information or to register or go to our website www.newmarkountryklub.com.  Don’t wait too long.  This caravan frequently fills up quickly!