• Today, at Newmar’s employee meeting, we had the privilege to honor three Newmar employees who have combined to give Newmar 93 years of dedicated service.  Ron Weaver, Service Manager, will be retiring Friday, December 17, after 34 years at Newmar.  Ron has been Newmar’s Service Manager since 1996.  Pat Weaver, Corporate Receptionist, will also be retiring on Friday, after 32 years as the voice of Newmar.  Vicky Kaufman, will be retiring at the end of December, after 27 years of service.  She has served as the Office Manager of our owner’s club since 1999. 

    From left to right-Vicky Kaufman, Ron Weaver and Pat Weaver

    Thank you Ron, Pat, and Vicky for your years of service to Newmar.  You have touched many lives and been a source of encouragement to many.  May God bless you as you move on into this next phase of your life.

     Keith Weirich | Director Human Resources