• Although we are very sorry that Vicky Kaufman has decided to retire from her full-time position with the Newmar Kountry Klub, we are also very happy for her, and we wish her our very best.  Congratulations Vicky.  Thank goodness she will stay on part-time, working as needed, which includes during International, so you will see her there.

    Vicky Kaufman

    Following is a message from Vicky summarizing her 27 years with Newmar Corporation.

    On January 7th at 4:00 p.m., I will be officially retired. At 4:01 p.m. my husband, Irv, and I will be heading for Florida where we will spend several months, and are planning on joining the Klub members on the “Panama Canal” Cruise in February. After that, I will be back at the office on a part-time basis as needed.

    I have been with Newmar Corporation for 27 years. In May of 1983, I began working in the Newmar Service Center on a part-time basis as a fill in for a gal who was on a maternity leave. It wasn’t too long after that, I was working full time. While working at the Service Department, the Klub was formed in 1984 by Bob and Jo Keener. After the first 6 months, the secretary who was overlooking the Klub had resigned, so Newmar turned over the Klub records to the Service Department. Well, as I can recall, the Klub was so small at that time, that the Klub records were kept in a shoe box, and after a few weeks or so, we would dig into the shoe box and take care of the matters and work with Bob and Jo when they came to Newmar. The Klub began growing, so the Klub had to be separated from the Service Department. As the Klub position was only part-time, I had decided to stay with the Service Department and work full time.  So I had trained a gal who worked for a few months, as she became pregnant at the dear age of 40! Also at that time (1986), Merle and Bernie Powell from MN came on board as the new Directors and they had asked if I would consider working with them, which I accepted and have been with the Klub since.

    The Klub kept on growing and finally in October of 1996, Linda Feece came on board. Linda worked with the “Konnection” magazine. Linda and I worked very well together as a team. I feel that she will do a very good job. Linda Feece, will now be the Klub Co-ordinator. She will be the Queen bee and I will be the worker! I am really looking forward to this transition. 

    In 1999, I became the Klub’s Administrative Manager under the direction of Dave and Pam Wilson. I have had the privilege of working with all the Klub Directors, Bob & Jo Keener, Merle & Bernie Powell, Harry & Bernice Mullen, Al & Carolyn Hancock, Dave & Pam Wilson, Barney & Barbara Barnett and now the present International Directors, Jim & Wilma Weeks. It’s not very often that someone has 14 bosses and survives!!!! It was a pleasure working with each and every one of the Directors. They have all taught me well!