• Greetings and Happy New Year to All of You from the Newmar Sales Team!

     As 2010 draws to a close tomorrow, we cannot help but look back at what was a much improved year for Newmar Corporation as compared to 2009.

     Overall, Newmar enjoyed a 46% increase in its overall business.  Some of this growth was due to the existing Newmar dealers that weathered the economic storm with our company, while the acquisition of several new dealers in open markets made up the rest.

     Newmar was able to acquire 15 new dealers for various products throughout 2010.  Most recently at the RVIA Show in Louisville, the following dealers joined the Newmar family and are awaiting their first Newmar products to arrive in early 2011:

    Crain RV – Little Rock, AR
    Lasso E RV - Anamosa, IA 
    Adventure RV – Greer, SC
    Village RV – Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

    Looking forward to 2011, we will continue to focus on new dealer acquisition in markets like San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Northern California, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA just to name a few. 

    Much of our management’s travel is already set, and these plans include visiting our existing Newmar dealer partners throughout calendar year 2011.  Our journeys may even include a sequel to the 2010 Product Road Show sometime in the middle of 2011.  Stay tuned and keep checking the Newmar blog and http://www.Facebook.com/GoNewmar for details. 

    Again, on behalf of the entire Newmar Sales Team, we wish you a Happy and Healthy year in 2011.

    John Sammut
    V.P. of Sales and Marketing
    Newmar Corporation