• Fall Greetings from Beautiful North Central Indiana!

    Fall… truly my favorite season!  I love the cool, crisp mornings, a country side bursting with color, and a cup of hot chocolate in the stands at the local football game.  They are simple pleasures, but pleasures none-the-less. 

    Congratulations if fall isn't the end of your camping season.  Part of the joys of owning an RV is finding fun ways to use it year round.  If the...

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  • Early Fall Greetings from Nappanee….

    At last… relief from the hottest summer we can recall in a while!  The humidity has been well into the miserable range with the heat, so the arrival of my favorite season is very welcome this year.  Along with the dip in temps come all the fun fall sports and activities… like Nappanee's own Apple Festival.  You can say a lot about the conveniences and comforts of living in a large city, but it's...

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  • Hot Summer Greetings from Nappanee….

    Well, here we are, wrapping up another summer of fun in the Hoosier state.  Another International Rally has come and gone, and from what all the guys here in the shop said, it sounds like it was a resounding success.  Good food, good friends, good fellowship, and the grandeur of this wonderful country… that's what the RV lifestyle is all about.

    As with pretty much all the other lifestyles out...

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  • Warm Summer Greetings from Nappanee….

    Here's hoping this article finds you and yours enjoying the drive to the 2007 Newmar Kountry Klub International Rally in scenic Gillette, Wyoming.  Ah, "Big Sky" country.  Lots and lots of nothing out there… and I DO mean that in the nicest possible way.  "Big Sky" country always means endless beautiful scenery to me.  For the most part I am a city person… well, a small town kind of guy anyway.  I...

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  • Late Spring Greetings from scenic Nappanee….

    Ahhh…  Spring has finally sprung here in northern Indiana.  We never thought it would get here.  First we had one of the mildest Decembers and January's in our state's history.  Then came the cold and snow… through February (we set a record for consecutive days in single digit temps), through March where it would go from 20 degrees on a Tuesday to 70 degrees on Thursday, then back to the 20'...

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  • Early Spring Greetings from Thawing Nappanee….

    The birds are chirping, the temperatures are moderating, and spring is apparently making its bid to return to the Midwest.  I can't wait.  I find as my age has advanced, so my body's tolerance for really cold weather has not.   

    Speaking of tolerances for cold weather, let's get back to last month's conversation on cooling systems and their tolerance (or occasional lack thereof) for...

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  • Mid-Winter Greetings from Snow Covered Nappanee….

    Here's hoping this writing finds you all comfortably settled in for the winter, with a slight twinge of excitement in anticipation of the warm spring weather ahead.  I know spring can't come soon enough for me. 

    In this time of Winter cold, we are going to take a little while to talk about heat… maybe that will help warm us up a bit… but not the heat from your furnace.  This...

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  • What is an extended service contract and should I purchase one? Generally speaking, it is an insurance policy. The policy underwriter’s Actuary Department (this department is made of many smart people that love to crunch numbers and lots of them) gathers data from a variety of claims, much like warranty claims or insurance claims. The claims received from their customers, or better known as policy holders, are analyzed by combining similar...

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