• Mid-Summer greetings from sun dappled Nappanee….

    Summer has definitely arrived here in north central Indiana.  The heat and humidity are rising slowly, and the corn has reached the point where you can’t see above it while driving the country roads.  Most everything here is green and lush right now since the mix of rain & sun has been just about perfect this summer.  It’s working out well for the farmers… and as keeper of my yard, I’m not complaining either.  

    Here’s hoping you are enjoying another camping season, wherever you might be.  In a year where the economy seems to be on shaky ground, and fuel prices are soaring, RVing still ends up being a pretty good deal when you think about it.  While driving or towing an RV isn’t going to give you the ultimate in fuel economy, you can still stay at most camp grounds for $20.00 to $40.00 a night, and best of all, you have all of your favorite stuff there with you!  A lot of campgrounds offer discounts and other specials during this time of year, so it is a great time to get out there and enjoy your RV.  That’s a lot more cost effective than the hotel & restaurant scenarios, and best of all, you climb into your very own bed each and every night. 

    Rally’s are a great opportunity to camp cheap.  Rates are usually discounted for groups, and the camaraderie can’t be beat!  “Carry-in” meals and entertainment make for great fun, and at several of the larger Kountry Klub rallies, Newmar provides Service Support, allowing you to receive service from factory personnel right there at your campsite while you enjoy the activities of the day.  That can be worth the price of admission on its own!

    Speaking of service, we would love to have you come visit us here in Nappanee.  Our factory Service Center is open for business, and setting an appointment for work here is as easy as placing a phone call to Phil Stilley (1-800-731-8300 ext. 3195), who schedules all the work in for each of the three Newmar Factory Service Centers.  If you are here for service, we offer the cheapest camping available (FREE!), and there is an enormous variety of things to do in this area.  We are even running a few specials of our own to help relieve some of the economic burden out there… like discounted pricing on most parts installed here at the factory during service appointments.  We are also offering the opportunity to schedule some limited non-warranty elective repairs during the Summer.  More information on these specials is located in the ads you will find in this issue of the Konnection, or by calling Phil at the number listed above. 

    Speaking of cheap camping… don’t get me started on tailgating.  My love for tailgating has been well documented in previous articles, and these days it’s an even better deal!  Who doesn’t love great tailgating food and a free camping spot in a stadium parking lot?  An avid fan and tailgater can find lots of opportunities to go out there and enjoy their RV… from High School football games to nine months of NASCAR, there’s a place you can park and party in your unit almost every weekend.  For some people I know, the tailgating is as important and enjoyable as the event they are attending… and some don’t even attend the event!  They party before and after the game or race, and watch it on TV in the climate controlled comfort of their unit.  

    Yeah, the economic climate is rough out there, but when you think about it, there may never have been a better time to be an RV enthusiast.  RVing brings families and friends together, offers a lifetime of great memories, and lets us enjoy the beauty and splendor of this great land… and we can take our favorite people and stuff with us as we do it!

    So let’s hit the road!  With a few turns and twists, all roads can eventually lead to Nappanee… come on out and see us!  We would love to have you come visit, schedule to get some service work done, and take a look at the new products we offer.  There are some great values out there, so this may be one of the best times ever to trade up or down to the unit of your dreams! 

    Hope to see you soon!