• Hidden Gems in Newmar's Website

    By Matt Utley-Vice President of Service Operations

    Many of you may already be familiar with Newmar’s website (www.newmarcorp.com) and the many features available.  Although the Newmar site is full of marketing resources including new model information, there is also other valuable information available to enhance your ownership experience.  Beyond the “About Us” section, which provides our history and mission, a prime example is the section dedicated to “Knowing the Newmar Difference”.  This area includes a professional video link titled “Watch the Newmar Difference Video” as well as information showcasing Newmar’s quality construction, Total Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, Comfort Drive Steering, Chassis information, Newmar’s Masterpiece Finish and the Newmar Factory Tour.  Another featured section is titled the “Resource Center”.  This section provides information on upcoming calendar events and RV shows, available downloads of past and present brochures, as well as a link to our Company Store where Newmar-branded shirts, hats, and gifts may be purchased.  The section titled “Service & Parts Support” contains information on locating a Newmar Authorized Service Center, showcasing the Platinum and highly recommended service centers as well as a “Contact Us” link via the tab titled “Customer Service Form”.  

    Although these resources are of great value and significance, there remains a gem behind the link titled, “Access Comnet”, which may be found under the heading “Parts Lookup/Technical Information”.  By clicking the “Access Comnet” link, a page will open revealing “Newmar’s Parts Catalog” and “Technical Reference” sections.  These sections contain valuable information appropriate for your coach.   

    The “Technical Information” tab under the “Technical Reference” section contains technical information for various features of Newmar coaches, including slide outs, electrical, appliances, air conditioning, heating and more.  Please browse these sections to become familiar with this resource.  

    Parts information is available via a general list of all items in the catalog by clicking “List Items” at the top of the screen.  This section allows you to search by Newmar’s part number or the supplier’s part number, as well as by the part description.  There are well over 130,000 parts listed in Newmar’s catalog and over 81,000 of them are associated with an attached image.  To view Parts Catalog information specific to your coach, simply type your Newmar coach serial number, which is a 5 or 6 digit number, immediately followed by the letters “CS”, or you may search by the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identification Number in the “Search Catalog” box at the top of the page.  Upon clicking the “Go” icon, a page will appear listing your specific coach, displaying the Newmar Serial number, followed by the VIN and “In Production” date.  Clicking this blue text will open Newmar’s Coach Specific Parts Catalog.  Your coach’s brand catalog will be contained in the first box in the upper left of the screen.  Clicking the blue text will open the Parts Catalog so that you may browse the catalog via the various sections of parts listed applicable for you coach’s year and brand.  Additional coach information is also available on this initial page such as Exterior Lighting, Exterior Shell, Baggage Doors, Cabinet Doors, Windows, and Exterior Painted Graphics, all specific to your coach.  Your coach’s Newmar Owner’s Guide, Technical Service Bulletins and Product Information Bulletins are also found in this section.  Please browse these sections as we trust you will find this information a valuable resource. 

     If you have any questions, or if Newmar may be of assistance, please contact the Newmar Customer Service Department at 800-731-8300 or by email via customerservice@newmarcorp.com.  We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you.