• Warm Summer Greetings from Nappanee….

    Here's hoping this article finds you and yours enjoying the drive to the 2007 Newmar Kountry Klub International Rally in scenic Gillette, Wyoming.  Ah, "Big Sky" country.  Lots and lots of nothing out there… and I DO mean that in the nicest possible way.  "Big Sky" country always means endless beautiful scenery to me.  For the most part I am a city person… well, a small town kind of guy anyway.  I like the pace of a small town and its conveniences, but sometimes I get the hankerin' (sorry, my Southern Heritage is slipping out there) for some open spaces.  I've had the good fortune to visit Wyoming, and I understand why they talk about the "Big Sky" as they do.  Go out to the desert some time on a clear night, far away from civilization, park somewhere, then get out and look at the stars.  The air is so clean and clear, and even though it is the same sky I look at right here in Indiana, it just seems like there are more stars… and a bigger view.  There's really nothing quite like it.  It is very beautiful and peaceful as well.  

    Oh yeah, while you are out in the middle of nowhere at night gazing at the stars, look out for the snakes that occasionally come out onto the road to warm themselves.  At least that's what the State Trooper told me when I stopped to star gaze….
    As usual at this year's International Rally, Newmar will have Parts and Service available for those attending.  Shipping our technicians and several trailers full of parts and tools to the Rally in support of the Kountry Klub and its members can prove to be a bit of a logistical challenge, but it is a challenge we are proud to rise to and look forward to every year.  
    So exactly how do you go about getting service while attending the Rally?  It's quite easy, actually.

    There will be a designated building for Service Write-Ups on the premises of the Rally.  As of this writing the exact building has not been determined, but rest assured that upon your arrival, the Kountry Klub staff will be able to direct you to it.  Starting at 8:00 AM on Monday morning, the Service Write-Up area will open for business.  To minimize time in line, we encourage you to fill out the repair order you received with your registration packet.  Also, keep in mind that your place in line does not determine your order of repair, so rushing there is not going to insure quicker service to your unit.  A variety of factors enter in to when a coach is scheduled for repairs, so unless you are facing an emergency of some sort, you can feel free to wander over to the write-up area at your convenience that first morning… or the second morning if you want.  It will keep the level of stress down, and minimize the time in line for everyone.

    With regard to scheduling units for repairs, please keep in mind that emergency's will likely be handled before most other repairs.  For example, someone with a toilet that does not work is probably going to get repairs before someone with a loose piece of trim.  Also, be patient with the service staff at the Rally; it is possible that not every repair requested can be completed, either because of time, parts, or because it is a repair that is just not possible to perform outside a regular dealer service department.  They will work to accommodate as many people and repairs as time and materials will permit.

    Don't forget to visit the factory Parts Representatives at the Rally as well.  They will have a LOT of parts on hand, and (within reason) can order even more if necessary.  They may not have everything everyone may need there, but they will certainly have the most popular items.  Be sure to ask if there are any specials going on during the Rally as well; you might just find a bargain you can't refuse!

    We hope your travels to and from Gillette, or where ever your journeys this summer may take you, are safe and fun and make for great memories to share around the next campfire!  

    See you in Gillette!