Shannon Stover

Looking For a Gas Motorhome? Discover the Newmar Difference

The Newmar Difference is the result of our collective obsession with craftsmanship, CanyonStarinnovation and doing right by the people who make it all possible – our customers. This level of commitment is what allows us to build some of the very best motor coaches on the road today. When you set foot in one of our gas coaches, you’ll recognize the Newmar Difference in everything you see, every surface you touch and every feature you operate.

Weighing and Balancing Your Motor Coach: Answers to 4 Common Questions

Whether you have just bought your first motor coach or if you are a veteran, questions pop up about weighing in. It’s a critical step that extends the life and your enjoyment of the coach. Here are answers to the questions we hear most frequently:

Why should I weigh my motor coach?


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